How do I use WOOT!?
  • Magnificent munch by the handful.
  • Great compliment to wine and beer and pairs beautifully with a cheese plate.
  • Sprinkle W00T! atop a wheel of Brie cheese and bake lightly.
  • Dust your salads, soups, crepes, pancakes, and waffles with W00T!!
  • Add flavor and crunch to ice creams and baked goods; perfect to top a fruit pie, crumble, muffins and coffee cake; sprinkle W00T! atop your next batch of brownies.
Add elegance to fruit salad, baked apples or pears, and a yogurt parfait. A unique addition to your trifle! W00T! is great with milk and yogurt! Your imagination is the limit…
Is it fattening?
Because W00T! is filled with nuts and dried fruits and seeds, it is a nutritious, satisfying snack or meal. Nuts are considered to be beneficial for weight maintenance as they contain protein, essential fats, are filling and satisfying and may assist weight loss as a snack item. See nutrition labels for specific mixes for 1/3 cup servings…
What kind of ingredients are in W00T?
Premium ingredients are essential to W00T!’s success. WOOT!Granola is vegan and wheat free. We use whole unprocessed ingredients and no added preservatives or food coloring, choosing organic ingredients as much as possible. When I can find something local, like Maryland Maple Syrup, it’s a bonus. Sampling dried fruits, nuts and seeds is necessary to select the highest quality ingredients. Specific purveyors of Michigan dried tart cherries, organic coconut flakes, crystallized baby ginger root, large, plump raisins, golden flax seeds and organic oats are essential to the quality of W00T!
What makes W00T! different from other granola?
W00T! recipes all contain 60% dried fruit, nuts and seeds, and have significantly less sweeteners, oils, and grain carbs than typical granolas. No refined sugars or processed ingredients are added; the nutritional and fiber value of W00T! is superior to other granolas. W00T! is hand-made in small batches. Unique ingredients and spices like crystalized ginger, cardamom and glazed orange rind create the addictive W00T! flavors. Premium ingredients, often organic and all natural, are hand-selected for a unique vegan, wheat free product. Look at these pictures and you will see the difference.
How long is W00T! good to eat?
W00T! is vegan and wheat free and is extremely stable and will remain tasty beyond the best by date on each bag. If W00T! is exposed to humidity, the toasty crunchiness may soften. To return W00T! to its crunchy munchy state, pop it in your toaster oven at 250 for 10 minutes and the lovely crispness and toasty flavor will return in a jiffy. Heating for longer than 10 minutes may make dried fruit hard.
Do you have a store I can visit?
W00T! hops, skips and jumps around town. Check below for locations, or email gail@wootgranola.com to place an order for local pick up or delivery or order here on our website.
I don’t live near any of your retail locations, can you ship?
Yes, we are happy to ship your order to you! Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery as all orders are individually prepared. A shipping fee is added to product cost based on package weight, shipping service and delivery destination. Local pick up and delivery are available. Please see details at cart checkout. Also, local pick-up and delivery is just an email away: gail@wootgranola.com
I have food allergies, can I eat W00T!?
W00T! is vegan, wheat free and safe for a low-gluten, non-dairy diet. WOOT!Granola is baked in a food incubator where soy, wheat, tree and ground nuts are present. W00T! mixes contain many types of nuts. Please contact us with any specific questions or concerns.
How should I store my W00T?
Store your W00T! in an airtight container in a cool dry location. Do not refrigerate, as the refrigerator’s humidity will dampen the W00T!’s crunchiness.
What do I do if there is a problem with my order?
We will do everything necessary to make sure your order arrives on time and that you are pleased and satisfied.
Where to Buy
  • Eddies of Roland Park, Roland Avenue and Charles Street Locations
  • Eddie’s Market, Mt. Vernon
  • Bellona Avenue and Lutherville-Timonium
  • Summer Season
  • Cross Street Market
  • Farm Chicks Corner Market
  • The Wine Source
We prepare all orders individually and need at least 48 hours for preparation. We ship on Wednesdays via the service you have selected, and make every effort to fulfill orders as efficiently as possible. Orders placed on Thursday through Sunday will be shipped on the following Wednesday. Orders placed Monday through Wednesday will be shipped the following Wednesday. We will send you a shipping confirmation as soon as your snacks are on their way. If you prefer to delay your shipment date, please let us know by email with your preferred Wednesday shipping date. Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Return Policy
I make W00T! with pride and confidance in the freshness and quality of this unique granola mix. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your delivery, please contact me within 48 hours of delivery. I will arrange for a replacement or refund. To receive a full refund, the W00T! must be returned to the address below. I am unfortunately not able to cover shipping costs for such returns:

5609 Hess Avenue Baltimore, Maryland 2121